From a relatively slow start, we enjoyed good sailng weather and pleasant temperatures.

On the water, we had the Steering Competition, closely fought between the speedy-but-with-one-fault performance from Sam versus the slower-but-clear round from Marcus, for a nail-biting finish.To be fair, Sam was heard to mutter something about the offending buoy having barely moved...

The Nomination event whereby sailors predicted the time they would take to sail a yacht around a specific course, then tried to hit that time on the water. The closest to the nominated time was the winner. Tricky wind conditions at the faraway turn made predictions laughable for some sailors.

There was a lot of on-the-water activity, with many members sailing, and some Club 500 hooligans demonstrated a variety of inventive ways to capsize their boats.

There was a fine, if rather select, display of models in the clubhouse for the static competition classes.

The day was enhanced by the excellent catering.

All in all, a relaxed and enjoyable day amongst friends.

Good weather and fine models

John Murdoch trophy (scratch-built models) - Stuart Kirk with the Puffer AZTEC.

Newton Shield (semi-scratch models) - Bryce Ferguson with HMS KENT.

Club Choice - Bryce Ferguson with HMS KENT.


As is now customary, club members voted for winners in the various categories, while the on-the-water steering competition was as popular as ever.

Best Kit - John Jefford with SCHAARHORN.

Fraser McIntyre Cup (steam or steam outline models) - Not awarded this year.

Alastair Stirrat Trophy (On-the-water Steering Competition for Powered Models) - Marcus Bowman

Nomination Trophy (On-the-water Timed Steering Competition for Yachts) - Bill Cameron.

Bill was not presented with his trophy at the Regatta, but it will be presented at another suitable time. Bill did, however, indicate the size of his win...