Ayr Model Boat Club




There is water in the pond.

Sailing normally takes place on

Sundays and Wednesdays,

from around 1pm until 3pm.

Bonus: there is often a cup of tea and a biscuit or bun available afterwards.

Added a note about the Bowls Championships restricting access to the clubhouse.

Updated the Calendar of events.

Changes to this site

Sailing Status


We’re glad you found us!  Sailing and meetings are back to normal.

Upcoming Events

You should all have had time to read our Treasurer’s recent email regarding upcoming dates in your diary. You will now find those on the updated Calendar page. For those who forgot and who now can’t find the email:

Regatta: proposed dates are 18th or 25th September, or 2nd October. Indicate your preference to John Jefford who will summarise the ‘vote’ on the blackboard within the clubhouse. The final date will be chosen soon.

AGM: The suggested date for the AGM is 13th November.


Blackpool Model Show: 15th & 16th October 2022

Some members will attend, but this will be privately organised this year.

International Model Boat Show: CANCELLED this year, following the death of Chris Deith.

Midlands Model Engineering Exhibition: despite recent rumours, this exhibition has been CONFIRMED AS BEING ON. Dates are Thursday 13th to Sunday 16th October 2022, at the Warwickshire Event Centre.

Note that, at the moment, tickets must be purchased IN ADVANCE via the website at: meridienneexhibitions.co.uk

This will be the ONLY national-scale model engineering exhibition held this year, but it does usually feature a decent model boat presence. Consult the website for the planned content this year, please.

Kenneth Ireland has completed HMS KELLY, and it’s looking terrific, both on the water and at the pond side. Ken has provided a positive feast of photos, and the completed Feature will be on the site in the near future.

We could do with a few more Features like this.....

This page has some up to date information about what’s happening amongst club members. Other pages contain information about the club and what we do.

There are pictures of members and members’ boats on the various pages of the site, and lots more pictures can be found in the Gallery pages.

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We’re glad you’ve found us

You know what this is about.....


HMS KELLY completed

Upcoming Events

Due to the Scottish National Bowling Championships, the clubhouse will be CLOSED from 17th to 24th July. There will be restricted parking around the park, but the pond will still be available for sailing.