Ayr Model Boat Club




Sailing normally takes place on

Sundays and Wednesdays,

from around 1pm until 3pm.

Bonus: there is often a cup of tea and a biscuit or bun available afterwards.

Added a note about the toilet working again.

Added a note about the faulty Clubhouse toilet.

Added a note about maintenance.

Changes to this site

Sailing Status


We’re glad you found us!


We’re glad you’ve found us

Flushed with success, our Commodore is delighted to announce that

the clubhouse toilet is fully working once again.

The gentlemen in the front row may uncross their legs;

and those at the back may feel suitably relieved.

Loo-king up - toilet is working

Maintenance Crew

As there is an ongoing requirement for small maintenance tasks, ranging from tidying up to fixing up, the Committee is looking for volunteers to commit just a little time to volunteering as part of a Maintenance Squad.

As always, if lots of members volunteer, the time required from individuals will be small. Speak to Sam or Ken, please.

The Purser Pursues...

... members who have not yet paid their subscription fees for this year.

We are halfway through the season (Christmas is coming; Nights will soon be Fair Drawing In; etc) but 3 well-kent members have forgotten to pay their subs.

We know they have been saving up their pocket money, but now is the time to part with hard cash, before the Pressgang visits.

Time to cough up, gents. Give the money to Ken, please.