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There is water in the pond.

Socially Distanced sailing on Sundays.

Only one  person allowed in the clubhouse at a time, due to Scottish Government regulations and advice. Although that advice varies from time to time, members should feel free to take appropriate action to preserve their own health when at the pond. We need your subs...

Normally, sailing takes place on Wednesday afternoons and Sunday afternoons.

Added Let Us Spray Part 4: Jane Hay. (click the Features menu, then look down around 4 rows of photos). This final part illustrates many of the painting and weathering techniques used in finishing a Puffer.

Added a Build Feature on SMIT LONDON by Ken Ireland (click the Features menu).

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Sailing Status

Build photos wanted

If you are building a model during Lockdown, take a few photos and send them to me or to John Jefford. That will help keep the pictures on the site fresh. Take photos as you build, and we can add your photos in a Feature on your model. Fame...accolades...fun.....


This page has some up to date information about what’s happening amongst club members. Other pages contain information about the club and what we do.

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We’re glad you’ve found us

A Word from The Commodore....

Our Club is poised to carry on as normal as soon as the COVID crisis is over. We are planning an “Open Sail”with refreshments in the Spring. This will give everybody a chance to show off their COVID creations.

The pond water is clear and topped up with water now continuously from the local burn. The Council don’t intend draining it this year so social distancing sailing is continually available, government restrictions applying.

We are unable to have our annual general meeting this year. However, the yearly financial audit has been carried out satisfactorily and a summary is available on the club notice board.

As a result of the Covid crisis and a satisfactory bank balance we have decided not to charge a membership fee for the period November2020-November2021, for existing members.

Club officials have volunteered to continue until we can have a satisfactory AGM.

Keep Safe everybody